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Inspiration behind EdiTech.

EdiTech was founded during Covid-19 as we realized the importance of digital marketing.

Promoting your business might not be as easy as before & therefore, marketing via video promotion is the way to go! Whatever be your need, be it a video that advertises your new product, or a video that summarizes the key features of your business in a few minutes in order to attract your prospective clients, EdiTech creates compelling productions with your customers in mind.


The EdiServe Fund.

Our EdiServe Fund aims to build social value in community by highlighting & appreciating the value added to the community by non-profit organisations. We would like to create an impact & inspire others to get involved & also take initiative to help the community.

Covid-19 has put us in circumstances that may have challenged us in many ways. However, the ones who have suffered the most are the underprivileged. NPOs are the ones who have been helping them, however, Covid-19 has restricted their efforts as well.

EdiServe aims to serve & assist these organisations by creating videos that convey and market their sustained efforts so that the public can be aware of their activities.

By sharing videos of their work they can reach a wider audience and thus gain more support.

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Here's how you can support EdiServe


support EdiTech, our video production business. Get a quote by clicking the button below!


Donate to our EdiServe Fund to assist us with marketing a wider range of NPO's.


Have you got skill in video production & marketing? If you do, that's great!

We could benefit with your skill.


Click the button below if you are interested in being a volunteer of The EdiServe Fund.

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